24 hours Assistance

Lextransportgrupo offers its customers a personalized service catalogue aimed at meeting all those needs that arise from the development of the transport activity, minimizing all those harms that a vehicle’s immobilization may produce..

By calling our call centre, available 24x7, you will be assisted to resolve incidences that may arise during the development of the transport activity.

By means of this service, lextransportgrupo Road Assistance offers to companies and professionals owners or heavy vehicle users (trucks and buses):

  • An international network of garages and associated centres that provide assistance in case of breakdowns or accidents provided with specialized mechanics in repairing all kind of vehicles (fridges, semi-trailers, etc.)
  • Cash advance across the European territory.
  • Mobile vehicle – garage that moves to the place of the accident or breakdown to fix the vehicle “in situ” if possible. Towing vehicles for the assistance of all kind of vehicles regarding towing and rescue.
  • Replacement and reparation of tires across the European territory.

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